Thomas D.Turner

Thomas D. Turner

Bboy. Coder. Linux Enthusiast. Stoic.

Davis CA
(+661) 900-3606
<thomastdt AT gmail DOT com>




Thomas Turner is a Computer Engineering student at the University of California Davis. Thomas has played competitive sports for nearly a decade which has given him a great understanding on the values of teamwork. In his spare time, Thomas has been building, compiling, troubleshooting, and fiddling around with Linux systems ever since 2005. In 2016, Thomas began his journey contributing to Opensource software and has worked with organizations such as FFmpeg. Thomas' keen interest is to utilize his teamwork and technical skills to help make a difference in the areas of film and education. But of course, Thomas is willing to put his skills to the test and overcome any challenges that presents itself in all areas of technology.
Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Electronics Assistant for Air Quality Group at Crocker Nuclear Laboratory,  (CNL) Project Improve

    Oct 2016 - Present

    • To be updated.
  • Software Tester Intern at Software Freedom Conservancy, (FFmpeg Organization) FFmpeg

    Dec, 2016 - Mar, 2017~4 months

    • Performed regression testing for FFmpeg’s Multimedia Framework.
    • Improved code coverage to ensure regressions and platform specific bugs are quickly detected.
    • Wrote selftests for AES-CTR encryption, Lagged Fibonacci PRNG, encoding/decoding framework, and utility library functions.
  • Contract Security Guard for Star Protective Security Service, Wildlands Productions Film

    Oct, 2016 - Nov, 20162 Weeks

    • Communicated with Site-Rep and Lead Security to alleviate any problems.
    • Assisted production crew and actors when called upon.
    • Guarded production equipment.
  • Linux Computer Assistant for Air Quality Group at Crocker Nuclear Laboratory(CNL) Project Improve

    Jun, 2015 - Sept, 2015~4 month

    • Wrote python and BASH startup scripts for SD card, GUI, and the Linux device tree on the BeagleBone BLACK (BBB). Also wrote scripts to automate tasks for air filter testing.
    • Modified the BBB Linux device tree (for kernel’s 3.14-ti and 4.1) for MMC, SPI, I2C, UART, and GPIO communication.
    • Interfaced RTC (Real Time Clock), HIH humidity sensor, BMP pressure sensor, and SD Card to the BBB.
    • Wrote C programs to ensure proper communication for I2C and SPI devices. Implemented watchdog timers in C.
  • Seasonal Intern for a street clothing brandBlack Sunday Brand

    Dec, 2011 - Present5 years

    • Fulfill online orders: Receive tickets, pull merchandise, pack and ship.
    • Customer Support and Internal tech support regarding Website, Email, etc.
Opensource Experience

Opensource Experience



  • Computer Engineering, Bachelor, UC Davis(University of California, Davis)

    Expected Graduation: June 2018

  • CompTIA Linux+ & LPIC-1, Linux Administrator Certifications

    (exams tentatively scheduled)



  • 1st place Freescale Cup - intelligent car racing competition hosted by Freescale SEMI Co., Race Results

    Awarded on: May 09, 2014



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